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Soft, flexible and easy for little ones to pick, LYNNS LETTERS will make working with letters and numbers a different visual and tactile experience for those in Early Learning environments. Sets are provided in a robust plastic box for easy storage or can be supplied loose for you to provide your own storage. Letters and number are produced in a range of fabrics from bright colours to glitter and novelty fabrics such as cars, sweets, footballs.

Letter sets can be supplied as single, A-Z, alphabet sets or as 50 letter sets that enable words and sentences to be created. NOTE: punctuation symbols not available.

NumbaBox contains double 0-9 set that allow for numbers up to 100.       Price per box - £20 plus £3.99 post & packing

AlphaBox contains double A-Z set (but Q and Z are singles only).              Price per box - £75 plus £4.99 post & packing

Note that box specification may vary according to availability.

Boxed sets for learning environments