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Important  information - please read first!

E_SHOP -  Our E-Shop is under development, please be patient. To order immediately please contact us by phone or email.

How to buy - There are three ways to specify the fabric:

Option 1 - We offer some items in standard colour combinations which will be listed against each item where applicable.

Option 2 - Where standard colours are not listed, we offer ‘Lynns Choice’ where we put letters together in a combination of fabrics/colours based on your information to us when you order. We may contact you to ask further information and get a feel of your requirement.

Option 3 - You can visit us at one of our shows listed on the Events page where you will be able to choose your letters and ribbon combinations yourself.

Option 4 -

COLOURS -  While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of colours, due to the nature of digital photography and on-screen reproduction, there may be some variation between the images on this site and the items you receive. LYNNS LETTERS cannot be responsible for such variations which are beyond our control. Returns cannot be accepted on this basis.

DELIVERY - As all other items are made to order, please allow 21 days for delivery.  We normally ship much quicker than this but please make sure there is sufficient time to allow for this before your event, birthday etc . Unless other wise requested and paid for at time of order, all orders will be sent by Royal Mail Special Delivery service.

INSTALLATION:  LYNNS LETTERS supplied loose may be sewn or glued onto garments, bags and other items of your choice. Please test the chosen surface or base material first to ensure it is suitable. Please also consider the washing instructions below to ensure that the base material is compatible with the instructions for LYNNS LETTERS.

LYNNS LETTERS when supplied mounted on ribbon, will come with sturdy D-rings at each end, The materials & construction are suitable for hanging fabric letters as supplied. DO NOT HANG OTHER ITEMS FROM THE RIBBON OR LETTERS as damage may result. It is the purchasers responsibility to choose a site/location to hang the ribbons and provide suitable fixings by which to attach the D-rings. The fixings should be at a distance from each other that is less than the distance between the D-rings of the ribbon when fully extended. This will allow the ribbon to 'hang' in a small curve and present a more pleasing visual appearance. Please do not pull the ribbon tight between fixings in an attempt to get them in a straight line as damage to the wall fixing, D-ring or ribbon may result. The ribbon will have a natural tendency to curve down under its own weight and should be allowed to do so.

KEEP AWAY FROM HEAT sources, naked flames, barbecues etc.. DO NOT hang ribbons from wall lights, lamps or lampshades. DO NOT hang in areas where they may cause an obstruction to people or pets.

KEEP AWAY from strong cleaning agents, solvents, bleach etc as damage to ribbon and fabrics may occur.

WASHING:  Due to the varied materials used in their construction LYNNS LETTERS should be HAND WASHED ONLY. We recommend COOL hand wash followed by hanging to dry. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY as damage to product may result. Returns cannot be accepted for damage caused by incorrect cleaning.